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Doing large workshops remotely? It’s possible

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Remote workshops to work efficiently in large groups, using digital technology.

Remote workshop to become agile

Digital technology is being used more and more and now enables us to be more agile. When teams know each other well, it’s not always necessary to bring them together in real life to mobilize them. Remote workshops allow them to progress quickly and at a lower cost.

The Remote Workshop is designed for leaders who need to take a step forward on a shoestring budget and in a short time. Do you have a goal and need to use collective intelligence to figure out how to achieve it? If so, a Remote Workshop might be the answer.

A remote workshop’s power comes from three pillars:

A co-design phase

that makes the sponsor group grow and provides alignment

A tailor-made design

adapted to your tools (and if they are not sufficient, we will suggest others)

A team of facilitators

who are dedicated and highly experienced, who support the sponsors and participants throughout the remote workshop.

Remote workshop: experience online facilitation

From designing the online workshop to remote facilitation, we will be with you every step of the way.

Most of our session formats can be done remotely! What is more, digital technology offers other possibilities for remote group moments. Working times are shorter so they fit better in agendas, inputs are easier to share, simultaneous work is increased tenfold, and more tools can be used.

The key to success is also to make participants more accountable, especially for process and time management.

Like in real life, the workspace is crucial. In a remote meeting, it’s all about the tools. We will start with your tools, if they are sufficient, or we will suggest others that are immediately accessible and easy to use.

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Some examples of online collaborative workshops:

  • Share best practices
  • Hold a different kind of team meeting
  • Coordinate a community of managers
  • Initiate or pace a transformation
  • Successfully reorganize
  • Prepare for the next year
  • Accelerate a program
  • Change ways of working
  • Establish a participative approach


participants who can be productive online

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minutes for an ideal working session

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