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Boy scout, nerd, caring and punk, at Wild is the Game, we’ re a little bit of all these things at the same time!

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Wild is the Game was established in 2009 by several pioneers in facilitation, driven to develop their passion for the profession away from a rigid system that imposed too many constraints. Its founder is Julien Goby.

The general philosophy: here we will be craftsmen of efficiency and act humbly (you never stop learning).

Here, first and foremost, we will develop the profession of facilitator, relying on the extensive experience of real people. And we’ll make sure to evolve and go beyond Matt and Gail Taylor’s method, which we inherited.

Over time, several other enthusiasts have gathered around this idea. Coming from Paris, Nice or Marseille, they promise to adapt facilitation techniques to the contexts that need them to make collaboration ever more efficient (workshops in large companies most of the time, NGOs and administrations the rest of the time).

There is no single explanation behind the origins of the name Wild is the Game.

Let’s just say that facilitating a large group of homo sapiens is a bit like playing with a curious animal, “the group,” which often acts wildly. It claps, it pouts, it flees during smartphone or cigarette breaks as soon as there is an opening, it watches its neighbors cautiously for a while before making a move, etc.

But – using our methods – a large group can also be strong and powerful enough to take on big challenges. To awaken this power, we’ll dare to be a bit wild and impertinent with this group. To get this animal to produce a result, we need to play a game with it that has its own rules. A game in which we control every parameter from start to finish, and where it’s OK to be WILD, because the GAME has boundaries.

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