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What they say

Discover our customer’s experiences (Veolia, Sanofi, Danone, etc.) after Wild is the Game designed and facilitated their workshops.

Laurent Clément, R&D Director Global Brands at Danone

«We called on Wild to improve the efficiency of the group and get projects off to a good start.»

Stephen Cobham, Head of Latin America at Sanofi

«If you haven’t worked with them yet, my advice would be to trust them. Yes, they are wild, but they know what they are doing.»

Antoine Frérot, President and CEO at Veolia

«When I decided to think about the group’ future strategic direction (…), involving a fairly large number of the company’s executives (…), I was looking for a partner who could get us to work and think together (…), breaking down barriers, postures, divisions, to find a way for everyone (…) to feel responsible (…) as if they were in the boss’s shoes, so that everyone can put their two cents in (…) and that different and sometimes even divergent ideas can lead to areas of consensus.»

Dominique Woloch, Regional Safety Director for the Middle East at Sanofi

«We called on the services of Wild is the Game to have a neutral party that would allow us to reach our goals: working on a very sensitive subject (…) and bringing together people who are as different culturally as they are professionally (…). It was a big challenge. Wild is the Game (…) performed incredibly: grasping the subject (…) which was completely new for them because it was very specific, dealing with the security of a company. (…) They expertly led these two days, in a fun way, generating great enthusiasm. I must say that during these two days, we didn’t have a single moment of respite, (…) always with great kindness, they knew how to make us work hard. We achieved our goals, which were to set up a governance system (…). Wild is the Game is a proven methodology (…), it’s dynamic, they are very nice people, we almost want to call them buddies. If I could give you one piece of advice: if you have a relatively complicated issue to implement within your company, don’t be afraid to call on Wild is the Game, you won’t be disappointed!»

Clarisse Carmeille, L'Oréal about the Wild Tank on December 3, 2019

«It was a very stimulating afternoon that brought us together as a team, cracking a number of topics with innovative methods and allowing us to go further.»

Marie-Isabelle ROCCA, Louis Vuitton about the Wild Tank on December 3, 2019

«Thank you, Wild because it was a hyper different, exciting, energizing half-day that touched on a lot of extremely diverse topics.»

Laurent Clément, R&D Director Global Brands at Danone

«Wild kept the group energy high, without me needing to invest myself in that aspect. I was able to put my own energy into issues that were related to my core business and to a certain extent the group’s expectations of me as the leader of this program.»

Stéphanie de Haldat, Brand and Engagement Director - Roche France

«The Cross Fertilizer was both a very relevant and fluid session that helped build viable plans. The robustness of the facilitation was key to the success of this group work.»

David Mignot, CEO - Canal + International

«With fifteen subsidiaries across a continent, optimizing the sharing of best practices and ideas is key to the success of Canal+Africa. With its concrete, results-oriented approach and practical actions, as well as its robust, fun and energizing methodology, Wild is the Game has been the perfect partner to help us take our collaborative sharing processes to the next level.»

Paul-François Cossa, Vice President - Emerging Markets, Sanofi

«This environment focused on games and competition allows everyone to break away from the conventional, run-of-the-mill answers that have never worked.»

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